A Diploma and a New Look to Journey into Adulthood

A Diploma and a New Look to Journey into Adulthood

December 19, 2014
By Robert T. Grant, MD

High school graduation is one of life’s biggest milestones. It signifies the end of the childhood years and the beginning of adulthood. For many, this is the first opportunity for a person to charge off into the world and be their own person.

The Perfect Gift

There is a growing trend where many high school graduates are receiving plastic surgery as a gift, as shown in this segment by KHOU news. While many people feel that plastic surgery procedures are exercises in vanity and are completely inappropriate for graduation gifts, in actuality, graduation could be the perfect time to have the procedure a person has always wanted.

For a child who has grown up with body issues associated to a particular feature (or features), the opportunity to make those changes before embarking on their first journeys as an adult can create a huge boost in confidence. By taking the time to correct a hooked nose or to pin back those protruding ears that always drew taunts can make meeting new friends and taking on new challenges a little easier. If a cosmetic procedure can alleviate the embarrassment a person has about themselves, why not offer plastic surgery as a gift?

Boost Confidence! Modifying the Embarrassing Features

Changing those embarrassing or awkward things about ourselves early on is one of the core steps in my life stage personal enhancement approach to beauty. We all want to look and feel our best no matter what our age, so why wait? By approaching cosmetic surgery in life stages, I’m able to help my patients look and feel their best for decades. My medical expertise coupled with my partnerships with experts in diet and nutrition as well as beauty and style help my clients achieve the complete package when it comes to their personal image goals.

Determining a Qualified Patient

The real deciding factor of if plastic surgery is right for any young man or woman is whether they are making an informed decision and have reasonable body image goals in mind. If the graduate in question has done his or her research, discussed the procedure or procedures with their family and qualified plastic surgeon, and understands fully the process from consultation through recovery, then he or she is ready to move forward with their plastic surgery procedure. They are ready to face the world through new eyes for the first time and finally look in the mirror to see the person they always wanted to see! They are ready to be satisfied with themselves.

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