Study Links Breast Implants to Higher Rates of Breast Cancer and Death

Study Links Breast Implants to Higher Rates of Breast Cancer and Death

May 6, 2013
William P. Adams Jr, MD
Dallas, TX

A new study recently released suggests that women with breast implants may be at a higher risk for developing and dying from breast cancer.


In the British study published in, a subsidiary of the British Medical Association, researchers found that patients have a 38% greater risk of dying from cancer than women who do not have breast implants. The study also suggests that women with implants may not be diagnosed as early as women without implants.

Scientific Findings Need to be Examined Critically

Breast Implants and Link to Cancer

On the surface, the study can sound frightening to women who are either considering breast implants or who already have implants.  However, what’s important to note, says Dr. William P. Adams, Jr.,  a board certified plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas, is the authors of the study stressed that the findings “should be interpreted with caution considering the current gaps and limitations in the available literature”.  “You have to look at studies critically to understand the true validity of the study. There were some problems in the study because there were certain variables that were not controlled.”


What Women Need to Know…

Adams says, “Breast implants have never been associated with causing breast cancer. In fact, the incidence of breast cancer is lower than expected.”  He says early detection is still the best and most efficient way to avoid breast cancer. “The best thing women can do is to continue with their scheduled mammograms recommended by the American Cancer Society and do monthly self breast exams. “We feel that women can be adequately screened and don’t have to have any other problems or worse stages of presentation if they do develop breast cancer.”

Researchers from the study called for further investigations into the long-term health effects of breast implants.

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