Top 3 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries! Who Got it Right?

Top 3 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries! Who Got it Right?

April 29, 2014
By Susan Kamyab

Sometimes it’s a miss, and other times it is a major hit!  Celebrities can either be the victim of bad plastic surgery (and it shows) or they get work done that looks so good, you’d think it was natural.  Here are our picks for the top 3 best celebrity plastic surgeries…

3. Kourtney Kardashian’s Breast

It is no secret that most members of the Kardashian family have had some work done.  But arguably the best plastic surgery job has to go to the mother of two, Kourtney Kardashian.  She admitted to getting a breast augmentation at the age of 22, before she was ever pregnant.  She turned her B-Cup to a C-Cup.  Most fans are shocked to know she even had a boob job.

Dr. William P. Adams Jr.,  a board certified plastic surgeon from Dallas explains that the best implant size “can be selected by proven tissue based planning principles that include specific measurements of your breast.  The 3 main measurements that your surgeon should take to do tissue planning and implant selection is: Breast Width, Nipple-fold, and Skin Stretch.”


2. Jennifer Aniston’s Nose

Everyone’s favorite Friends star and rom-com hottie has confirmed two nose jobs to correct her “deviated septum”.  After the first botched round, Aniston gave it a second try.  Jen’s nose was slightly wider and pointier before her new look. The difference is so subtle yet substantial, her nose tip is more defined and her bridge has become narrower.

Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, a board certified plastic surgeon from Los Angeles says, “It is one of the most important operations for improving the appearance of the face and can have the most impact for change when blending features of the face.” Jennifer Aniston is the perfect example of a nose job done well; you almost wouldn’t recognize the change.

1. Jane Fonda’s Everything!

Can you believe Jane Fonda is 76 years-old!?  The iconic actress looks better than ever and certainly looks much younger than her age.  I’m sure all those work out videos didn’t hurt her either.  Out of all the work she’s done, the neck lift might be the biggest impact on her younger look.

Dr. John Gross, a board certified plastic surgeon from Los Angeles explains how, “the neck is where we begin to see the first signs of aging.  In many ways it’s like tightening the hammock and lifting it back up to where it once was and improving the shape and contour of the neck.”   The Oscar winner has admitted to refining her chin, getting a neck lift, and also removing the bags under her eyes.  “I got tired of not looking how I feel…what pleases me is that I won’t look pulled or tired all the time.  I chose to be a somewhat more glamorous grandma,” says Fonda.  Which is why Fonda has our top spot, she maintained a natural look and more youthful appearance without going overboard.

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