What’s New in Breast Augmentation?

What’s New in Breast Augmentation?

September 17, 2013

By ThePlasticSurgeryChannel.com

PSC’s Dr. Brad Calobrace of Louisville, Kentucky interviews Lynn Salo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Allergan Medical Facial Aesthetics Division on what’s new in devices and products for breast augmentation.


   See Results Before Surgery

The VECTRA XT, which is the latest in 3D technology, allows patients to actually see what their outcomes will be on their own bodies.  According to Salo, “the most common fear women have when considering breast augmentation is achieving a natural result and having confidence that they can communicate their expectations effectively with their surgeon.

The VECTRA XT is a 3D camera that captures a three dimensional photograph of your breasts, it then uses software to allow your surgeon to show you a simulation of how you may look with different size and shapes of implants that your surgeon believes are suitable for you.”

Patients want to see what their outcomes will be before they sign up for surgery.  You can look in a book and see the before and after of other people but everyone has a unique anatomy. Everyone has different breast sizes and different desired outcomes.  The only way you can really know what you’re going to get is if you look at yourself in an augmented state or a reconstructed state.  After that you can make a really good, informed decision with your surgeon about deciding on what is right for you and your body,” says Salo.

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