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Breast Implant Surgery Less Painful With New Pain Pump

Breast implant patients will find relief with a new pain pump that minimizes discomfort. This video, featuring Dr. Paul Zwiebel, explains how it works.

breast augmentation thiefMuch of the pain caused by breast augmentation is due to the fact that the body tissue in and around the implant has to have some time to get used to being more cramped. Those who get their implant put under the muscle – also known as a submuscular implant – will be in more pain than those whose implant sits on top of the muscle. This is because the muscle needs time to stretch out over the implant. The process only takes three to four days, but can be very painful for patients, affecting their ability to do everything from pumping gas to washing hair.

Dr. Paul Zwiebel is a practicing plastic surgeon based in Littleton, Colorado, for over 25 years. He has followed approximately 500 patients for the past few years in an attempt to find out if pain pumps can give post-operative patients any additional benefit in their recovery.

A pain pump is a device put in during surgery which delivers a continuous flow of local anesthetic  to the patient during the first few days after surgery. Because the anesthetic is local and not a painkiller, the patient may experience fewer side effects and be able to recover faster. “We have been using the pain pump routinely with breast augmentation and have had some wonderful results,” says Dr. Zwiebel.

What Dr. Zwiebel found is that pain management was dramatically improved for most patients. “The advantage is that the pump is working as a continuous infusion, so there are no peaks and valleys.”

Pain pumps are available on the general market, so patients planning to get breast implants can ask their surgeon about using a pain pump.

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