Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation

Constricted Breasts – Before & After

This 18-year-old patient had constricted breasts, also called tubular breasts. This developmental condition can have a devastating affect on a woman’s self image, but can be addressed with breast augmentation. The patient loves her new look and the confidence she now has.

breast augmentation for constricted breasts;

Photos courtesy Dr. William P. Adams, Jr., MD

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The Plastic Surgery Channel Surgeon Answers: (1)

  1. The pictures actually show a nice reconstruction, but I don’t like the text with it. Since this is a relatively mild case of tubular breasts it might work out to just do a standard augmentation (which I even doubt was the case in the shown pictures). Most of these cases do require a bit more than just a straightforward augmentation with implants. Usually it is neccessary to redistribute the breast tissue, since the condition is essentially a lack of development of the lower quadrants. Therefore, the upper quadrants are more or less split and the mobilized part then transposed into the lower quadrants, redefining the crease, while placing an implant underneath both parts. Only with this you can achieve a natural looking result in most cases.
    Unfortunately this seems to be poorly understood, since I have seen many patients with tubular breasts, who received just implants like for a straightforward cosmetic augmentation, resulting in less than desireable outcomes.

    Posted on August 1st, 2009

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