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Fat Injection into the Breasts – Video Feature

Fat injections for breast augmentation are a hot — and controversial — topic. In this video Dr. Scott Spear reveals when these injections get the best results, and why the procedure is drawing fire. You’ll also and hear about the study he is conducting on fat injections versus standard implants for breast enhancement.
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The Plastic Surgery Channel Surgeon Answers: (1)

  1. I wanted to have this proceedure but was strongly advised against it. The fat can look like cancerous tumors when you get your mammogram. It can confuse your doctors. I thought it sounded ideal, but was told by several progressive doctors across the nation that it is irresponsible for any doctor to offer this technique of fat transfer to the breast area.

    Research and think twice before considering this insane “new technique”.

    Posted on December 8th, 2009

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