Constantino Mendieta, MD

Constantino Mendieta, MD
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Constantino Mendieta, MD Plastic Surgeon Videos

Is Fat Transfer to the Breast Safe?

Constantino MendietaJuly 15, 2016

Five Questions That Guide Every Breast Aug

Constantino MendietaJuly 7, 2016

The Next Best Question after, “Are you Board Certified?”

Constantino MendietaMay 31, 2016

Mamacita Makeover: Lifted Breasts, Flat Tummy and Shapely Derriere

Constantino MendietaMay 13, 2016

Embracing Fat for Contour

Constantino MendietaMarch 7, 2016

Gluteal Sculpting: Fat Transfer to the Buttock

Constantino MendietaFebruary 18, 2016