Fat Injection / Lipo Injection

Fat Injection / Lipo Injection

Fat injected into the breasts can produce long-lasting and natural-appearing results.

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Reconstructing the Breast with Fat

Fat transplantation is quickly becoming one of the most versatile tools in the toolbox for plastic surgeons. Positive results in breast, body and facial procedures that utilize fat transfer have generated a tremendous amount of interest. Most patients are very interested …Read full article

Trade Your Breast Implants For Fat!

If you have breast implants, you know: implants require maintenance or replacement after a period of time. Dr. Dan Del Vecchio, a board certified plastic surgeon in Boston, Massachusetts explains when it’s time to replace your implants and how fat may be …Read full article

Improving Breast Reconstruction with Contoured Breast Implants

Using the new contoured style breast implants and allowing the implant to sit in the lower pole of the breast by making use of collagen materials in a sling fashion, surgeons have been able to incredibly improve the aesthetic results of breast reconstruction.
Breast reconstruction is completed …Read full article

Bigger Breasts the Natural Way

Many women would like the look that a breast augmentation can deliver, but avoid the procedure because they don’t like the thought of  having an actual implant in their body.  Breast augmentation with fat grafting involves no incisions, no new scars …Read full article

Life Changing Discovery for Women Going through Breast Reconstruction

In the quest for a more aesthetic looking breast, surgeons are discovering that fat transfer to the breast can offer much more…
Five years ago, Barbara Greco-Potash was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a bi-lateral mastectomy. “I couldn’t believe it …Read full article

Discover Fat Grafting to the Breast for Enhancement and Reconstruction

Plastic surgeons are making breast implant and reconstruction procedures even better by adding a little fat to the mix. Dr. Louis P. Bucky of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania discusses the technique of fat grafting to the breast and how adding a little fat …Read full article

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