PSC Newsletter

PSC-TV is rolling out new programming in TV markets across the country. 


PSC members, along with a handful of their significant others and five guest surgeons attended the weekend film shoot at Mercury Studios in Dallas on July 27-28.  Several months ago, we came up with the ambitious idea to film three PSC TV shows in one day. Thanks to our TV savvy doctors who can speak off-the-cuff and under pressure, the shoot went off without a hitch! The long day was rewarded with a “wrap party”, which included a cocktail hour, a 12-course tasting dinner and ended with a blooper reel and dancing. What more could you want!

In addition to the show on Saturday, we had a successful film shoot event on Sunday.  We were able to film individual segments for our doctors on green screen using two cameras, while our surgeons enjoyed brunch on the hotel rooftop lounge. The two camera shoot, which we plan to implement on a regular basis, greatly increases production value of our individual segments.

If you weren’t able to attend, don’t worry, there will be plenty more opportunities as we plan on filming two more shoots next year. This type of programming is great exposure not only for our doctors, but for as well.

Our most recent shoot will air in the following television markets:

Dallas, Texas; New York, NY; West Palm Beach, Florida; Los Angeles, California; Indianapolis, Indiana;  St. Louis, Missouri; Meridian, Mississippi; Seattle, Washington; Orlando, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia

Here’s a little TV lingo to learn for the next shoot…