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The use of a patient’s fat to rejuvenate other areas of the body is a growing procedure in plastic surgery with amazing results. Dr. Bruce Van Natta of Indianapolis, Indiana discusses the “miraculous” effects of the procedure and how it is taking …Read full article

Former Miss Argentina Solange Magnano died recently after a cosmetic surgery procedure performed by an unaccredited doctor went horribly wrong.
A former beauty queen died recently as a result of a botched cosmetic surgery procedure performed by a doctor who it …Read full article

Bigger butt cheeks are a rising demand in the United Kingdom, and pop star Mutya Buena has led the way in this new trend. Watch on this week’s Plastic Surgery News.
The United Kindgom’s largest plastic surgery provider, Transform, has …Read full article

Learn how fat injection buttock augmentation can help you trim problem areas while creating a high, rounded buttock silhouette in this interview with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Rubinstein from the 2009 Aesthetic Meeting of the American Society for …Read full article

Unlicensed Doc Used Vet Instruments for Surgery
Here’s another story that comes under the heading, “What was the patient thinking?”
After authorities in Madrid, Spain received a complaint about a shoddy breast implant, their investigation turned up a truly horrifying business operation.
They …Read full article

Many adult men and women who have flat or undeveloped buttocks can be self-conscious about their backside and desire fuller, rounder or firmer buttocks.  Surgical buttock augmentation is also sometimes performed on male-to-female gender reassignment surgery or on transgender or …Read full article