PSC-TV: The Most Credible Plastic Surgery Talk Show

PSC-TV: The Most Credible Plastic Surgery Talk Show

PSC-TV is regularly airing their 30 minute plastic surgery talk show in television markets across the country.  The latest educational and entertaining show features some of the most sought-after surgeons in the country.

This newest talk show covers everything from the newest filler product that can takes years off your age to the most promising non-surgical plastic surgery procedures.  And, discover the latest tools and techniques in plastic surgery technology including what’s being called “air-brushed lips” to the facts about Ultherapy, the latest in skin tightening.


Featured Mediawires about Bogus Board Certification…

Today more than ever, all types of physicians, from Emergency Rooms doctors, to OB-GYN’s, are getting in to the lucrative field of plastic surgery.  However, the results can be devastating… from botched surgeries to sometimes even death.  Learn the mistakes many people make when looking for a qualified surgeon.

And the Stem Cell Facelift… 

It is a pricey and controversial procedure that continues to dominate cosmetic surgery chat circles; the so-called stem-cell face lift. Critics say the name itself is something of a misnomer because there is no cutting or sewing involved, but still some patients swear by the rejuvenating outcome.

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