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Can Plastic Surgeons (and You) Spot When Someone Has ‘Something Done’?

Can Plastic Surgeons (and You) Spot When Someone Has ‘Something Done’?

Do you suspect your long-lost college roommate has had a little work done? What about your new girlfriend? Are you afraid to ask? We’ve asked renowned board certified plastic surgeons for their secrets regarding what they notice, for instance, when they walk into a restaurant and see obvious signs of plastic surgery. Welcome to Plastic Surgery Secrets.

Can Surgeons Really Spot People Who’ve Had Work Done?

It’s Saturday night, “date night” and restaurants around town are elbow-to-elbow with couples and prospective couples-to-be. In walks Dr. John Smith, a recognized plastic surgeon who lives across the country. He doesn’t know Jane from Judy from Jack or Jim.

But, Dr. Smith knows tell tale signs of plastic surgery.

For many surgeons, the face is the giveaway when plastic surgery has been done, or more specifically, maybe done a little too much.

Dr. Mark Epstein, a board certified plastic surgeon in Stony Brook, NY, says the face says it all, especially if it looks windswept..

What you have to do as an aesthetic surgeon is look at the face in total, especially in the mid face. You don’t want that ‘surprised’ look, especially when you’re not! – Dr. Mark Epstein

Does the person at the next table look like she’s stuck in a wind tunnel? She may have had an old-school face lift, like Joan Rivers. Back in the day, before synthetic fillers and other developments, surgeons just pulled and stitched.
These days, doctors use fillers and/or fat grafting in addition to tightening. This “three-dimensional” approach yields a more natural look.
For folks who already have inched by the six decade mark, there’s bound to be a certain amount of loose, saggy skin, often around the upper eyelids. So if there’s a grandmother or grandfather out to dinner at that restaurant, and Dr. Epstein sees that their eyes are stuck wide open all the time, chances are good they’ve had a close encounter with a scalpel in hopes of looking younger.

Look Down From the Face

Although Barbie and Baywatch would leave you to believe differently, even super hot women don’t usually carry all of their weight in their chest. While it’s not unheard of for women to be naturally well-endowed in that area, chances are that woman at the bar waiting to be seated for dinner who sport a tiny waist and an even tinier BMI is not going to end up with D-cups unless she has some outside help. So if you see a woman with a stick figure from the boobs down, it’s safe to assume they aren’t organic…they’re breast implants.

Over done breast augmentation.

Austin-based board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Whitfield says it’s an obvious look: breasts that are simply way too big.

“We don’t want somebody who’s already a D cup to got an EEE. That’s going to create more problems.” – Dr. Robert Whitfield

Fortunately, Not Everyone Has the Trained Eye of a Plastic Surgeon

Now remember, the restaurant is packed and the lighting isn’t all that conducive to spot plastic surgery,and there’s another reason not to worry about being spotted as a plastic surgery patient. It’s takes a trained eye.

Dr. Tiffany McCormack, a board certified plastic surgeon in Reno, NV, points out that what maybe a clear sign of plastic surgery to another plastic surgeon may be completely lost on you or I.

“You have to know what you’re looking at and you have to understand anatomy.” – Dr. Tiffany McCormack

Where’s the Turkey Neck?

You’ve been trying to detect that women at the table in your line of sight and you can’t quite figure out what isn’t adding up. Her hands look old. Her body looks old. Her hair is gray. But her neck…looks fantastic!

What has been done surgically?

Unless someone has exceptionally good genes, their neck-skin will inevitably sag over time. Without the help of some liposuction or a facelift, a turkey neck will definitely develop with age. If the woman ordering desert has a neck that is totally poultry-free? She’s probably had plastic surgery.

Your Lips May be Sealed, but are their Size a Dead Giveaway?

Full lips are hot. Angelina Jolie proves this fact every single day. But sometimes women who covet the pouty look can get carried away with injectable fillers and end up with an upper lip that sticks out like, well, a trout’s mouth. And fish lips, the last time we checked, were not hot.

The moral of the story is plastic surgery today is different than it was years prior, and so are the requests by patients. A natural look is in. While a plastic surgeon might be able to tell what’s been done, the rest of us may just think, “Wow, that person looks really great!” That is, after all, what we all would like to hear.

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