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Lose the Fit-Fat with Liposuction

Lose the Fit-Fat with Liposuction

The SKINNY on liposuction: it’s very effective for even fit people who have trouble getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat. Veteran board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Doherty explains why body contouring procedures like liposuction and non-invasive techniques help the “fit-fat” crowd get the body of their dreams.

Lipo for the ‘Fit-Fat’

Hollywood’s hottest elites know the secret when it comes to liposuction – it works on even toned, slender bodies. Okay, many of the rich and famous may not be willing to admit to having lipo, but it works to remove stubborn areas of fat among people who have tried everything else, according to experts. “I have patients who come into my office who want to talk about liposuction to improve their body and they are what I call the ‘fit-fat,'” says Dr. Doherty

Doherty says liposuction is still among the most popular treatments and works well even for those who are weight-conscious. “An ideal patient for liposuction is healthy and closest to their weight and has areas of fat that they are bothered by perhaps in their lower abdomen and waist,” he explains. The idea of the fit-fat body shape is new, but makes sense as a candidate for body contouring, according to Doherty. “It’s someone who is fit, but has pockets or areas of fat that are just bothersome to them and they can’t get rid of them.”

Fit fat problem areas.

Who is a Good Candidate

Liposuction is the workhorse of body contouring. It is a procedure that can be used almost anywhere on the body to improve appearance. It is versatile and that makes it popular, even among the ‘light weight’ crowd who haven’t seen desired change with other methods. “I certainly believe that there is diet and exercise resistant fat and in theory those are the best patients for liposuction and also for non-invasive body contouring,” says Doherty.

Doherty says many times people with active lifestyles want to get rid of the flab, but without investing a ton of time. For these patients, liposuction is a good option. “They are active patients, with healthy lifestyles and they want to get rid of the fit-fat without a lot of recovery time, and I understand that.”

Healthy lifestyle for the fit fat.

He says liposuction is the perfect fit to produce the right results. There are instances where the liposuction can be performed under a local anesthesia. “Some people may be nervous or anxious about this, but it’s really very safe and effective,” says Doherty.

The Non Invasive Solution

Liposuction removes fat for good, that’s the good news. But, there are some patients who want a less invasive procedure. “There are body contouring options like Coolsculpting and SculpSure,” shares Doherty. He says non-invasive body contouring is popular with patients who want a less aggressive approach that is still effective in targeting fat pockets.“CoolSculpting brings the temperature of the fat down, so it destroys the fat and then the body metabolizes it,” explains Doherty.

CoolSculpting - a non-invasive option for the fit fat.

SculpSure, meanwhile, uses a laser to heat up the fat and cause it’s destruction. “The laser brings the temperature of the fat up and that breaks it down and then the body gets rid of it,” says Doherty. He says both procedures work very well to get rid of unwanted fat, but multiple treatments are required. “It’s important to know that these are fantastic for fit-fat, but they will have to be done a few times.” Doherty adds that the procedures are the ideal option for the fit person, who is feeling frustrated by lingering fat. “This can produce some really nice results,” says Doherty.

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