Gregory Paul Mueller, MD, FACS

Gregory Paul Mueller, MD, FACS

Dr. Gregory Mueller is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has practiced in Beverly Hills, California since 1998. He completed his plastic surgery residency at the University of Southern California after completing a general surgery residency at the University of California-Irvine. Dr. Mueller is a native of Nebraska and is a graduate of the University of Nebraska Medical Center. His life-long passion for medicine and plastic surgery, and his innovative mind have established him as a successful plastic surgeon and pioneer in the field of plastic surgery.

Dr. Mueller is the creator of light guided-suture delivery. This new concept was born when Mueller identified an area of plastic surgery that he believed could be improved. His focus on finding a better way to address neck contours without surgically opening the neck led to his discovery that the dermal retaining ligaments of the face and neck have the needed tensile strength to support the anchoring of sutures. Mueller realized that the use of an illuminated sewing needle and attached thread would allow the safe and accurate delivery of sutures in the subcutaneous space in and around the dermal retaining ligaments, without the need to surgically open the neck. Mueller and Sherrell Aston published this novel approach in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in January of 2012. In this paper a cadaver study was also performed and it revealed that the tensile strength of the retaining ligaments was statistically the same as the medial platysma borders. In addition, the light transillumination feedback was confirmed as accurate regarding the depth of travel of the illuminated sewing rod Mueller invented. Dr. Mueller invented the surgical approach and the medical device called the ICLED Surgical System utilized to construct the suture matrix called MyEllevate.

Mueller’s second innovation is the oVio360 Dynamic Imaging System he designed and constructed. Mueller’s frustration with obtaining perfectly standardized images led to the creation of the system that allows the subject to self center. The camera and light source orbit around the face and body to capture consistent standardized images repeatedly over time. In addition, Mueller recognized the importance of motion capture to understand the effects of aesthetic procedures and technology on both the physical form of the face and body along with the functionality and movement dynamics of the face and body. Mueller’s workflows he developed for image capture of the face and body allow one to capture all the necessary data to have a life-like digital medical record that allows the patient, provider and other surgeons the opportunity to understand the cause and effect of almost every aesthetic procedure. The imaging system and its software have applications outside of medicine in the security, military and entertainment industry.

Dr. Mueller has authored several textbook chapters and peer reviewed papers. In addition, he is teaching colleagues around the world how to perform the light guided surgical procedures he has invented.

Dr. Mueller’s surgical and artistic skills coupled with his inventive mind, have established him as a leading plastic surgeon and innovator.

Gregory Paul Mueller, MD, FACS


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