Katherine Stuart

Katherine Stuart

Always a lover of words, Katherine Stuart started her career in New York working in advertising before catching the movie bug and heading west where she worked as a development executive for over a decade. After so many years of telling other writers what to do, she decided to give screenwriting a try. How hard could it be, right? Six scripts later, she found herself loving the writing, but hating the business. Which is why she jumped at the chance to write the website for a friend’s new accessories company.  One job led to another and a new career was born. Her segue into writing website copy, blogs, and newsletters for plastic surgeons was a natural extension of her life long obsession with skin care, health and fashion. Most days when she’s not researching the latest injectable or surgical technique, she’s hard at work on her own blog the Best Friend Handbook.

Katherine currently lives in Los Angeles where the traffic is horrible, but the weather is fabulous.

Katherine Stuart

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