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Lid Differences Can Affect Asian Eye Surgery

Lid Differences Can Affect Asian Eye Surgery

Lid Differences Can Affect Asian Eye Surgery

Blepharoplasty – or eyelid surgery – is the MOST popular surgical cosmetic procedure in Asia. And the patients driving the trend are actually young girls – often of school age — who are opting to have a crease surgically added to the eyelids to minimize the typical ethnic look of Asian eyes.

Now, a University of Hawaii professor has published a report warning that failure by cosmetic surgeons to take ethnic differences in eyelid size into account can cause undesirable surgical outcomes.

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Around the world, wide, sparkling eyes are considered ideal by millions of women. Yet while people’s actual eyeballs are more or less the same size across the globe, their eyelids are not.

According to a report published in The Asian Journal of Ophthalmology, the typical Asian eyelid is 7.49 millimeters, while the eyelid of a typical European descendant measures 10 millimeters.

This extra length creates a double crease in the upper eyelid, and allows the lid to fold over itself when opened, revealing more of the eye and producing the “wide-eyed” look typical of Caucasians.

The shorter eyelids of people in the Far East lack this crease, making the eyes look comparatively smaller.

The University of Hawaii’s Dr. Jorge Camara, says that more and more Asian patients are being subjected to eyelid surgery based on typical European eyelid measurements, which can result in their new eyelid creases placed too high, giving the patient a look of permanent surprise. Corrective surgery is necessary to repair such damage.

Of course, many Asians have no desire to modify their ethnic look, and members of certain ethnic Asian advocacy groups argue against cosmetic blepharoplasty on principle. Nevertheless, the demand for eyelid surgery shows no signs of letting up, and some surgeons recommend that people considering cosmetic eyelid surgery use tape or a fine  marker to show their plastic surgeon exactly where the crease on their eyelid should be.

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