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Blepharoplasty Videos

The earliest signs of aging seem to hit our eyes first. Watching our blepharoplasty videos will help you to not only understand exactly what’s happening to the skin and muscles of the eye as you age, but what you can do to fix the problem.

If the eyes are, indeed, the windows to our soul then it’s important that we keep the panes shiny and bright which may require a little help as we age in the form of eyelid surgery. A blepharoplasty, the technical term for surgery to the upper or lower eyelid, is a surgical procedure to remove loose skin and tighten lax muscles around the eye so that you look more refreshed, rested and awake. Watching our blepharoplasty videos can help you to figure out exactly what it is about your eyes that is bothering you and whether or not you need eyelid surgery to the upper lid, the lower lid or both.

If you are finding that friends, family and colleagues are constantly asking you if you are tired or angry then it may be time to consider booking an eyelid surgery consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. It’s always a good idea, in any new situation, to be as informed as possible. Watching our blepharoplasty videos will help you to understand the questions to ask your surgeon so that you can decide whether eyelid surgery is the really the right call for you. Our surgeons also discuss non-surgical options for the eyelid such as fillers, Botox and skin care and walk you thoughwhat these can achieve as opposed to eyelid surgery.

If you understand the best techniques for achieving a natural looking, younger looking eyelid through watching our eyelid surgery videos then you’ll know exactly what to look for in a surgeon. The goal in any blepharoplasty is not to change the shape of your eye, but to simply rejuvenate it.

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