Gynecomastia Videos

Men who have gynecomastia or an excess of breast tissue often suffer from extreme embarrassment which is why watching our videos in the privacy of their own homes can be so life changing.

For those of you who didn’t go to medical school, it turns out that men have breast tissue just like women, and certain conditions such as hormones, medications and age can cause the tissue in the breast to grow to the point where a male breast reduction or gynecomastia is necessary. Needless to say, this is condition that causes acute embarrassment especially since it so often occurs for men when they hit puberty. One of the best things about watching our male breast reduction videos is that they educate you on this very common condition within the privacy of your own home so that when you do decide to schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, you will know that you are not alone and that there are surgical options specifically designed for men to reduce the size of your breasts.

An excess of breast tissue, either brought on by puberty, old age, weight gain or from taking certain medications such as ones for ulcers or cardiovascular health, can make men not just feel self conscious, but affect your clothing choices and social life. Men with large breasts typically won’t go the beach or wear a golf shirt. They don’t like to hit the gym or date because they don’t want to show their chests. In our videos, we’ve gathered some of the best plastic surgeons in the world to talk about how common an excess of breast tissue is in men as well as the ways in which gynecomastia surgery can help you to achieve a flatter, more firm, younger looking chest.

A male breast reduction can be a life changing surgery. Watching our gynecomastia videos will walk you through everything that you’ll need to know to make an informed decision from the latest innovations in fat removal to incision placement to what you can actually expect in terms of scarring.

  • The Surgeon Minute

    The Dreaded Man Boob – What It Is and How To Treat It

    Society often refers to an enlarged male breast as a man boob, but the proper medical term for the condition is gynecomastia. Especially true in coastal regions where the weather...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Men, Plastic Surgery, and Masculinity

    Women are not the only ones embracing plastic surgery! Men have jumped on the anti-aging bandwagon with a vengeance, and want to do so while preserving, or enhancing, their...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    The Male Breast Reduction

    No matter the cause, it’s hard for men to swallow the need for a male breast reduction. “Man boobs” are, however, a real thing. Fortunately there is a real...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Male Breast Reduction: Common Problem, Simple Solution

    Rarely discussed although acutely apparent, Gynecomastia (male breasts) is actually quite common—affecting 40-60% of men. It is characterized by an excess of fat and/or breast glandular tissue in the...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Getting It Off His Chest: Plastic Surgery for Men

    Plastic surgery and breasts go hand in hand.  Everyone is familiar with procedures that enhance the shape of the female chest, but many people are not aware of the...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Restoring Confidence in Men with Gynecomastia

    Gynecomastia – the medical term for breast enlargement – exists as a unique condition that is generally obvious to a physician but may pass as normal for the person...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Plastic Surgery Is Not Just For Women

    It turns out that women aren’t the only ones dissatisfied with their chests these days. “One of the things we’ve noticed in our practice is more men coming in...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Don’t Suffer Any Longer: There’s a Fix for Awkward Man Boobs

    It is the reality for one in three men who are affected with enlarged male breasts or gynecomastia. It often causes low self-esteem, embarassement and in some cases severe...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Breast Tissue (Man Boobs) Resolved with Plastic Surgery

    Gynecomastia occurs most often in adolescence, and statistics show the numbers are between 30-60% of men will develop some form of enlarged breasts in their lifetime.  Adolescence is also when...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Restoring Self-Confidence in Males Afflicted with Gynecomastia

    At the same time teenage girls are wondering when their breasts are going to grow, some teenage boys are wondering when their breasts are going to go away. Around...

  • Breakthroughs in Plastic Surgery
    Male Breast Reduction Fastest Growing Cosmetic Surgery in UK

    Male breast reduction surgery is a touchy subject. But, in the UK, men are tackling their ‘moobs’ head on, making gynecomastia surgery more popular than ever. For the second year in a row, male breast reduction surgery is the fastest growing plastic surgery procedure in England, the BBC News reports. According to...

  • Gynecomastia – Male Chest Surgery to Correct

    Gynecomastia is the over-development or excessive enlargement of male breasts due to disease, heredity, use of particular types of drugs, or hormonal changes. Men may undergo a surgical procedure to correct this condition. Characteristics of Gynecomastia 1.    Excessive development of glandular tissue 2.    Presence of localized fat in excessive quantity 3.    A...