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Fat Injection / Lipo Injection Videos

If you didn’t know that pumping up breast volume is no longer solely the domain of breast implants then you must watch our lipo-injection videos to find out more about fat grafting to the breasts.

Creating the exact right breasts to fit both your goals and your body often entails a combination of procedures such as a breast lift with an implant or an implant with fat grafting, but with so many breast surgery options out there, how do you know which ones are the right ones for you? In our expansive library of lipo-injection breast enhancement videos, we’ve brought together some of the leaders in breast surgery to help educate you on the ways in which fat grafting can be used to not only augment, but also shape your breasts.

Watching our non surgical breast enhancement videos will help give you an overview of all of the different breast augmentation procedures out there. Most patients who want breast surgery have a working knowledge of the different types of breast implants as well as an idea of how they want their breasts to look. You might even have a picture of your fantasy breasts, but it is up to your surgeon to reconcile your dreams with the reality of your anatomy which is why it’s crucial that you schedule your breast surgery consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. Lipo-injectionor fat grafting to the breasts is generally used to smooth out and enhance a breast implant in order to make the results more natural looking, but it can also be an ideal method for delivering the kind of upper pole fullness that so many women desire.

Staying current on the latest trends in breast augmentation with our lipo-injection videos will help you to understand the many options available today for increasing the size of your breasts as well as what you can realistically expect in terms of downtime.

  • PSC Roundtable

    Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting, Is It Realistic?

    Fat grafting continues to cement itself as one of the most exciting and rewarding modern plastic surgery procedures. The very concept of removing fat from unwanted regions of the...

  • Plastic Surgery Secrets

    Bring in the Young Blood! Teenage Blood as the Fountain of Youth?

    “Bring in the young blood.” That’s the battle cry every different type of sporting team yells when they want an influx of new energy, enthusiasm and revitalized effort. Or...

  • PSC Media Wire

    A New Frontier for Fillers – Earlobe Plumping

    Everyone knows the power and the versatility of injectable fillers. They bring back the volume that’s been lost over time, via stress, wear and tear, gravity, and whatever else...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Fat Transfer, “It’s God’s Miracle to Plastic Surgery!”

    Fat transfer is a revolutionary concept growing exponentially in plastic surgery. An often described “magical” concept, the procedure transfers fat from areas where there is too much and places...

  • PSC Roundtable

    Mixing Fat Grafting with Breast Augmentation

    Fat grafting continues to be a tremendously popular modern procedure for patients and surgeons alike. For patients, the magic of having unwanted fat in bodily areas removed and added...

  • PSC No Spin LIVE

    Family Doctor Sued by 15 Women After Plastic Surgery Complications

    A story often heard, another doctor unqualified to perform plastic surgery procedures is – you guessed it – under legal fire by 15 female patients for surgical complications. The...

  • PSC Uncut

    Fat Transfer in Modern Plastic Surgery

    Fat transfer is undoubtedly one of the most popular and important advancements in the last 5 years. The concept realizes the wishful comments made in the past, “I wish...

  • PSC Uncut

    Fat Grafting: A Popular Tool

    Autologous fat transfer (AFT), commonly know as fat grafting, has been called Mother Nature’s favorite filler. Fat transfer counteracts volume loss due to aging by replacing it with a...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Embracing Fat for Contour

    Dr. Constantino Mendieta has a mantra: “The fat you love to hate, is the fat I love to take.” His practice, based in Miami is seeing a sharp increase...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    The Adonis Procedure

    Don’t all men want to look like and feel great when they take their shirts off?  That can mean hours and hours in the gym.  But some can spend...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Fat Is No Longer The Enemy

    Fat-grafting has become an invaluable asset to plastic surgeons today. Its wide-ranging uses and benefits are still being discovered. Surgeons are utilizing a patient’s own fat to complement nearly...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Crafting A Better Butt With Your Own Fat

    Everyone has heard the phrase, “My butt is too big!”, whether the person was being serious or joking. There are, however, real people who have the opposite problem: a...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Trade Your Breast Implants For Fat!

    If you have breast implants, you know: implants require maintenance or replacement after a period of time. Dr. Dan Del Vecchio, a board certified plastic surgeon in Boston, Massachusetts explains when...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Discover Fat Grafting to the Breast for Enhancement and Reconstruction

    Plastic surgeons are making breast implant and reconstruction procedures even better by adding a little fat to the mix. Dr. Louis P. Bucky of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania discusses the technique...

  • PSC Media Wire

    Fat, No Longer a Bad Word

    It used to be fat was a bad word, but new advancements in medical technology have opened the door for surgeons to use a patient’s own fat to improve...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Breast Implants with Fat, the Newest Trend in Breast Surgery

    Surgeons are now combining a patient’s own fat with breast implants – “It’s the best of both worlds,” says Dr. Dan Del Vecchio, a board certified plastic surgeon from...

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Fat Grafting to the Breast – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Fat grafting to the breast is a plastic surgery procedure that uses the patient’s own fat to fill out or add volume to the breast. Over the past year...

  • The Surgeon Minute
    Boston, MA Plastic Surgeon says New Technology Has Changed Fat Grafting to the Breast

    A Boston, Massachusetts plastic surgeon says new technology has changed fat grafting and says the challenge is to figure out what applications are the most relevant in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Dan Del Vecchio, a board certified plastic surgeon says fat grafting has come a long way from where it was...