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Mommy Makeover Dr. Namnoum Atlanta

Mommy Makeover Dr. Namnoum Atlanta

James Namnoum MD – PSC expert surgeon from Atlanta, GA discusses mommy-makeover

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“I want to switch gears with you here Jim in here and to talk about something that we get e-mails about nearly every day on the channel – mommy makeovers.

This is a group of procedures that are done to help women deal with the aftermath of having children. Women have to sacrifice their bodies and their femininity. The mommy make over procedures are designed to restore them to really a state before they had babies.”

A mommy makeover is performed using a unique combination of plastic surgery procedures designed to counteract the physical effects of childbearing, and restore and enhance your body.

In general, a mommy makeover may include:

Breast augmentation
Breast lift
Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
Butt lift
Mommy makeovers can include any or all of these body contouring procedures depending on your wishes and needs.

For example, some women need breast augmentation to correct severely deflated “pancake” breasts, while others may need breast implants in combination with a breast lift. Still, some women may actually desire a breast reduction with a lift.

In the abdominal area, many women need a full abdominoplasty with tightening of the muscle layer as well as removal of the excess skin and fat, while some may need a mini-abdominoplasty.

Some women may also benefit from liposuction to sculpt the back, hips and thighs; and smooth out their contours.

Finally, an increasing number of women have also been requesting a buttock lift as part of their mommy makeover. The length of the surgery varies based on the amount and type of procedures performed. Some surgeons may perform a mommy makeover as two or more separate operations.

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    • CMO

      May 22, 2010 at 10:41 am

      The cost will be variable based on the patient, what exactly needs to be done and the skill and expertise of your surgeon. Different payment options will be offered by different offices. A combined breast lift and implant is a complex procedure. Not only seeking a board certified plastic surgeon, but one with a particular expertise on cosmetic breast surgery is imperative! Patients really need to do their homework.

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