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Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery Baton Rouge Louisiana-Dr. Antrobus

Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery Baton Rouge Louisiana-Dr. Antrobus

Plastic Surgery Channel expert Dr. Stephen Antrobus from Baton Rouge, Louisiana talks about Mohs Microscopic Surgery and its benefits.

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Mohs Surgery is a type of chemosurgery which is named after Dr. Frederick Mohs and it is basically a procedure which uses a microscopic directed  surgical margin for removing skin cancers. The benefits of Mohs surgery is that since it uses micrographic techniques, it is extremely precise and removes only the cancerous tissue while sparing the nearby skin. Mohs surgery tends to be on the more expensive side to the precision involved but for delicate areas where skin preservation is important; a lot of plastic surgeons recommend this technique.

Dr. Stephen Antrobus is an expert on skin cancers and especially in this new technique of Mohs Microscopic Surgery. He explains that the technicalities of this procedure involve removing skin cancer using minute holes and this allows the surgeon to check all the edges as they work resulting in a better cure of the cancer and a smaller hole. This aspect of a smaller hole becomes very important for skin cancers in the face and in critical areas such as the eyelids and the nose where you would want as small a hole as possible. This surgery technique is especially effective for tumors in the face, tumors that are recurrent and those that have more aggressive pathology. This is because the small hole can be utilized later by the surgeon while reconstructing to minimize scarring.

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