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Blepharoplasty Pearls

Blepharoplasty Pearls

blepharoplastyPatrick Sullivan MD discusses blepharoplasty pearls – what  interested patients really need to know before they go.




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What should I know about blepharoplasty?

Patients who desire an Eyelift often ask,  “I know that an Eyelid lift can help you look younger, but when is it too soon?

Dr. Patrick Sullivan, MD  winner of the Redbook award for his expertise in the care of the Eyelid patient responds, “Too soon is when it would begin to make someone look abnormal.”  His goal is to have someone look completely normal and refreshed.   “My specialty is trying to have someone look natural and as if they haven’t had any work done at all.   A patient wants people to say, ‘You look great, did you go on vacation?’   ‘There is something different about you did you change your hair?’  Rather than….’Whoa…what did you have done?’   This result very much depends on the surgeon who is performing the procedure.  You want to make certain you get a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is experienced and highly qualified.  This point cannot be stressed enough.

How does blepharoplasty surgery work best?

It is extremely important to individualize the care of the eyelid patient. There are some patients whose eyelid condition has been with them since childhood as eyelid anatomy is often inherited.  For example, people who have under-eye puffiness and circles will say that their Dad or perhaps their sister has the same issue. It is the goal of the Surgeon to identify precisely the anatomic problem in surgery, such as getting rid of under eye circles or drooping of the eyelids, and correcting them appropriately.

This type of surgery can be  done with a high degree of patient satisfaction.  It is is very important to  seek a board certified plastic surgeon, but equally important do your homework to find a board certified plastic surgeon who has  particular expertise in eyelid and facial surgery.   You effort in doing homework on your surgeon will go a long way to ensure your best result.  To assess the expertise of a surgeon in a particular area  find out:

  1. if the surgeon has published peer reviewed articles on the topic
  2. determine if the surgeon has  been invited and given national presentations on the topic
  3. talk to other patients who have used the surgeon for a similar surgery

These are just a few pearls that may help you get your best result with blepharoplasty.




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