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Anti-aging and Feeling Young

Anti-aging and Feeling Young

Anti-aging and looking /feeling young in New York city!   Dr Robert Grant board certified plastic surgeon from New York city and expert member of the plastic surgery channel talks frankly about  anti-aging and  what you can do to  look and  feel  your best.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could look and feel young forever?  The reality is anti-aging is impossible according to Robert Grant MD, a board certified plastic surgeon at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Plastic Surgery Channel Board Member.  “Ever since Ponce de Leon, people have been trying to turn back the clock, unfortunately modern plastic surgery realizes this is impossible,” says Dr. Grant.

Anti Aging New YorkSo what is possible?  It’s called age maintenance, or as Dr. Grant calls it ‘Life Stage Personal Enhancement’.  Dr. Grant recommends patients take small, incremental steps earlier in life so that they can avoid more drastic procedures down the road.  “When people wait too long, it gives the look of an extreme makeover; it’s great for houses but not really for patients,” says Dr. Grant.

Grant says, “I do more, but smaller operations on many of my patients so they end up still looking like themselves, aging in tandem with the rest of their features.” The patient also benefits in other ways. By constantly maintaining a youthful appearance patients can prolong the need for more invasive and aggressive procedures.

What is anti-aging – how do I look and feel  great in  New York  – life stage personal enhancement?


  • In Our 20’s

‘Age maintenance,’ for a patient in their 20’s includes a preventative skin regimen. Sun blocks and topical creams are recommended to protect the skin and give them a more youthful appearance in the future.  This is also a good time for patients to consider corrective changes such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and scar therapy.

  • 30 Something

Patients in their 30’s often consider breast augmentation and tummy contouring following a pregnancy.  Dr. Grant says he generally deals with patients who have had children and simply want their bodies back.  According to Dr. Grant he always recommends diet and exercise as the first choice.

Anti-aging , Looking / Feeling Great in New York and the Effects of  Gravity

  • Hitting 40

As patients get into their 40’s its all about fighting off the effects of gravity.  Dr. Grant says “It’s also the decade when (woman) their ovaries start tuning off production of that fantastic youthful skin enhancing hormone called estrogen.”  When estrogen begins to diminish, so too does the elasticity of the skin, according to Dr. Grant.  It’s at this stage when patients might consider neurotoxins and fillers to reduce the look and appearance of wrinkles and aging.  Face or neck lifts might also be recommended depending on each patients needs.

  • 50 plus

Dr. Grant recommends patients to take incremental steps at earlier stages so that they can avoid more aggressive procedures in the future.

In summary, Dr Grant  encourages patients to do  everything  they  can for anti-aging  to look and  feel   their best in New York City, because it  can   really work!

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    November 28, 2011 at 11:12 pm

    Thanks for providing the information on anti-aging,good post

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