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Scars After Plastic Surgery

Scars After Plastic Surgery

By: Carolynn Grimes

Will I have scars after plastic surgery? Scars are a fact of any surgery, but new treatments can be used to minimize their appearance. Some people think twice about plastic surgery when they realize they could be left with permanent scarring.

Patient’s say Don’t Put Off Plastic Surgery For Fear of Scarring

Susie McAuley, a breast reduction patient from Dallas says she put off the decision to have surgery out of her fear of scarring. Susie says, “Making a decision to go in for plastic surgery on my breasts for a reduction was huge for me; very emotional because I knew I had to be cut open to get that done.'” Susie’s fear of scarring isn’t uncommon, in fact some patients delay or put off a surgery altogether due to those fears.

Fortunatelyplastic surgery scar therapy surgeons say with new advances in scar therapy, patients have options. Dr. Lee Thornton, a board certified plastic surgeon, says not all patients heal the same way. He says while most people heal just fine over time, other patients can experience problems. Thornton says,
“This happens when scars are under tension or due to genetics. When scars start to have problems there are different options we can use such as silicone topical gels and silicone sheeting.”

Silicone Used to Heal Patients With Severe Burns Scars

Silicone was initially used to heal burn patients and doctors quickly saw the benefits. Dr. Bill Adams, a board certified plastic surgeon with says silicone based creams and gels are gaining popularity as the single best option for healing most types of scars. Adams says the reason silicone is effective is because it provides the hydration necessary for healing.

Susie says her scars aren’t noticeable anymore at all, and says it’s because of scar therapy prescribed to her by her doctor.  She says, “I should have gone in 10 years earlier.  I think the fear got the best of me because the scars heal; just like everything, life heals, we heal.”

Doctors say silicone treatments combined with time and using a daily sunscreen on scars is the best remedy for healthy, quick healing plastic surgery scars.

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