More Butt for Kim Kardashian?

More Butt for Kim Kardashian?

Recently, the PSC picked up on a news report detailing that Kim Kardashian had a procedure to move fat from her legs to her butt. Could the reality star possibly require anymore padding in her already bodacious booty?


The news loves to report on the inane, injection-happy celebrities as a freak show, in addition to the horror stories we read about silicone and synthol injections gone wrong. These outliers, unfortunately, create negative buzz regarding the actual fat grafting performed by board-certified plastic surgeons across the country. The procedure is gaining tremendous momentum as surgeons and scientists realize the positive effects that fat grafting can achieve. Beyond the obvious benefit of being able to take a bit of fat from here and move it to there, fat grafts also contain a selection of stem cells that reinvigorate tissue in the injected areas. A great example is fat grafting to the hands, where the injected fat not only refills the lost volume, but aides in overall skin health due to the stem cells found in the fat.

While it’s fun to find comedy in the failed or extreme procedures we read about in the media, fat injections are actually a fantastic tool in capable hands that have real results.

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