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Taking It To The Extreme: What Happens When Plastic Surgery Trends Go Too Far?

Taking It To The Extreme: What Happens When Plastic Surgery Trends Go Too Far?

Plastic isn’t always perfect! Sometimes Hollywood stars and celebrities go under the knife too many times and the end look is a disaster. Many think the fix can be found in the latest cosmetic surgery trends, like facial fillers, to highlight cheekbones or plumped up lips, but most of the time more isn’t the answer. There are ways to use the newest enhancement techniques to look natural, not extreme.

By Dawn Tongish

Plastic isn’t pretty, when it is overdone…

“It is not appealing, not appealing at all,” said Jill Carter. The 44-year old Dallas woman admits she uses Botox® and a few other beauty treatments to enhance her look, but doesn’t like the appearance of someone who has gone too far with cosmetic surgery. “I think that women can be beautiful at any age without doing all of that extra work.”

Still, some push the limits. Hollywood celebrities, along with the rich and famous, are notoriously known for taking cosmetic surgery too far. They sometimes use the latest trends beyond limits, creating the look of overfilled cheeck bones and bee stung lips.

Going Too Far - Mediawire.Still003Lisa Rinna hasn’t been shy about sharing problems that occurred with her plumped up pout. She underwent a series of lip injections and didn’t like the outcome.

“There are problems,” according to plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Finical. The Charlotte, North Carolina physician thinks that people have become accustom to seeing the botched extremes in the tabloids. “We all know from the grocery store checkout line what overdone looks like.”


Dr. Finical, who is  board certified in plastic surgery, says the popularity of miminally-invasive facial fillers to ease wrinkles is on the rise. He adds that sometimes a face lift to actually remove skin may be necessary when a filler no longer works. “Some wrinkles can’t be filled and won’t respond. It is important to go to someone who  has all the right tools to work with and an aesthetic eye to do what is right for you as an individual.”


Experts say those people who tend to overdo cosmetic surgery are those hoping to turn back the hands of time with procedures. There is no fountain of youth and it won’t be found with repeat plastic surgeries. Authorities advise patients not to seek multiple procedures hoping to make life better. Surgeons are keen to make known plastic surgery won’t help mend a broken relationship or create a better unemployment situation. Don’t book a procedure just because you saw it on TV as the procedure might not be right for you.

The cautionary messages seem to be sinking in, according to some industry authorities.

“Almost universally, when I say I am going to put a little fat in your lips, they say ‘no way’,” says Dr. Brian Reagan. The board certified plastic surgeon from San Diego, California is seeing his patients becoming savvy about Hollywood’s obsession with more. He says consumers are getting wise and cautious. “They don’t want to look overdone. They take more time. I show them before and after pictures. We show them people who have had it done and we make it happen in a good way.”

Results show Dr. Reagan’s advice to be wise. Always choose a board certified plastic surgeon and stick to natural, not extreme.


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