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Touch Screen Surgeons

Touch Screen Surgeons

You won’t find a surgeon in your home (unless they’re family). Doctors don’t make house calls anymore. This brings about a rather heavy emphasis on the time spent in the doctor’s office. A mere flash of time when much jargon is thrown about and the walls may feel like they are creeping in. But breathe easy; TouchMD has arrived.

By Shaun Parson, MD
and Chris Knisley

Touch MD From Beginning To End

TouchMD is a system where patients can sign in on their physician’s website and get all of the information about their practice. More importantly, any photos taken during the consultation can be viewed on this private system after a patient returns home, all from their smart phone, computer or tablet. “It can be incredibly stressful when they’re in seeing any doctor. It doesn’t matter how engaging we can be.” Dr. Shaun Parson of Scottsdale, Arizona knows just how overwhelming a visit to his office can be for prospective patients. The technology that TouchMD provides to his practice is designed to relieve any anxiety that might arise between himself and his patients.


TouchMD’s presence is felt before a patient even steps foot in to the surgeon’s office. By going online, people can get oriented with the practice, the surgeon, the employees, the procedures, and whatever else is necessary to smooth the transition from sitting at home thinking about plastic surgery to talking comfortably about it with trained, certified professionals.

Once in the office, patients of Dr. Parson will experience a consultation more thorough than any other. His friendly staff will take all the necessary photographs and upload them to the TouchMD system. When Dr. Parson enters, everything becomes available on a screen. Patients can sit comfortably and discuss their concerns over digital images that Dr. Parson can easily manipulate and draw upon to further illustrate the possible outcomes of any procedure.

TouchMD has become an extremely valuable tool for reaching an understanding between surgeons and patients in terms of what is desired and what is achievable.

“It’s visually so much more empowering and so much more powerful of a process because you can really strip down all the big words and all the descriptive terms and just see what things are going to look like after surgery.”

Couple-On-ComputerEven When It’s Over It’s Not Over

So the consultation is over and patients leave the office. But with TouchMD, parts of that consultation will go with them. All of the images and notes accrued during the visit are accessible on smartphones and home computers. Patients can review everything that just happened while still in their car in the parking lot.

The opportunity to take information with you is invaluable to those inevitable discussions with family and loved ones. The guesswork of remembering is removed when such resources remain available beyond the doors of the doctor’s office.

It’s All About Comfort

Dr. Parson knows that a successful endeavor depends on communication and comfort. TouchMD provides the perfect medium for the communication of ideas, graphically representing what might otherwise be left to the imagination. TouchMD also provides the resources for patients to comfortably familiarize themselves with a plastic surgeon’s practice and, after a consultation, to comfortably sit at home (or anywhere the smartphone goes) and review all of the possible futures before them.

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