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Dramatic Mid-Age Rejuvenation with a Facelift

Dramatic Mid-Age Rejuvenation with a Facelift

Casual observers of plastic surgery have heard of the facelift procedure, conjuring an image of some celebrity with a windblown, unnatural-looking face. However, good facelift results from board certified plastic surgeons are never noticed outright. Results simply make a person look refreshed! In fact, a natural looking facelift is priority number one.

Besides the dramatic rejuvenation a full facelift can provide, modern plastic surgery offers a variety of smallermore focused procedures for younger patients, all of which can rejuvenate without having to undergo a major operation. Dr. Paul A. Watterson of Charlotte Plastic Surgery takes a deep look at the faces of his patients, dialing in a unique treatment plan that sends loose skin and deep wrinkles back into the future.

By Paul A. Watterson, MD
and Adam McMillon
The Plastic Surgery Channel

When can I tell if I need a facelift?

Everyone notices the aging process through our friend the mirror, usually in our 30’s. Lines begin to form, skin loosens up and bags form beneath the eyes. These processes are slow, but over a few decades add up depending on your lifestyle.

“Our skin changes, we all know that,” describes Watterson. “The effects of the sun, smoking, or just crying and laughing… just living! It all affects the skin on our face. It becomes more loose and lax over time. Once the nasolabial folds deepen and jowling begins along the jawline, people start thinking, ‘Maybe I should look into fixing this.'”

Getting started with small procedures

Constant research and surgical experience has led the field of plastic surgery to an abundance of new and typically less-intensive operations. Instead of waiting until your face needs a full lift, smaller procedures performed earlier can drastically help one to age slower and more gracefully.

“Many women want to just do a mini facelift, or maybe an eyelift, just little things along the way to maintain,” says Watterson. “A lot of times you can start with some submental (underneath the neck) liposuction, or a cervicoplasty (neck lift) in younger women with good quality skin. As that skin gets more lax and loose, then a fuller facelift will be required to rejuvenate the lower half of the face.”


Addressing the upper half of the face prior to a full facelift can also have dramatic results. “The eyes are something we always talk about,” says Watterson. “We can do the upper and lower lid. The procedure can go from the whole face to just a bit of liposuction under the chin.”

A board certified surgeon’s top priorities

Keeping patients best interests first is in keeping with what it means to be board certified. Through constant education – whether learning something new from colleagues or teaching colleagues something new – to surgical experience, board certified plastic surgeons look to serve their patients.


“Safety and a natural look are priority,” says Watterson. “We’ve all seen pictures of patients who don’t look natural; we don’t want that.”

“The ideal compliment for my patient is, ‘Gosh you look great! What’s different? Have you been on vacation? Is your hair different?’ That’s the ultimate compliment.”



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