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No Spin Live… What’s The Best, Fillers or Botox?

No Spin Live… What’s The Best, Fillers or Botox?

Board certified plastic surgeons of The Plastic Surgery Channel field a common question for new patients: “What’s the best, fillers or Botox?”

For a large percentage of would-be fillers and Botox patients, many are engaging in plastic surgery for the first time. They’re testing the waters and want to try one of these injectable treatments that are low risk and inexpensive. When they hear from their friends how great fillers are, or how Botox has made a big change in their life, it’s hard to separate the two without knowledge. Is one better than the other? Is one safer? Can you have both?

Rest assured, this episode of No Spin News clears the air on two of the most popular – and powerful – non-surgical treatments in plastic surgery and how their union is the centerpiece of non-surgical facial rejuvenation..


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