No Spin Live Episode 10 – Black Market Products

No Spin Live Episode 10 – Black Market Products

Beware of Black Market Products

Stories are popping up with alarming frequency about patients getting dirt cheap injectables, often in someone’s home or garage. Buyer beware.

The products are usually not what they seem, sometimes with disastrous results. Dr. Dan Del Vecchio kicks off the comments with, “that’s what the FDA is for,” to protect consumers. Who’s using the products? If a doctor is using them, shame on him or her. “It is our responsibility to treat our patients with FDA approved, safe products.”

Disastrous results from black market products.

Anyone using one of these black market products is “nuts,” says Dr. Patricia McGuire of Missouri. “Good plastic surgery isn’t cheap and cheap plastic surgery isn’t good.” Patients are attracted to these black market products because they’re cheap, but it’s a situation where, “you get what you pay for”. Which is not, actually, Botox or a recognizable filler.

Fake fillers from the black market.

The sellers often find old Botox containers and fill them with whatever so, “you don’t know what you’re getting”. If you’re going to a board certified provider, the chances of them using a black market product on you are slim to none. And let’s be clear: these black market products are dangerous and can lead to serious health complications.

Dr. Jason Pozner lives in Florida and sees a lot of this stuff. He’s currently treating a patient who went to one of these black market shops and was treated with foreign material, probably silicone. She got contaminated with micro-bacteria, has to have a pick line and is still suffering from open wounds. “It’s a nightmare.”

Bottom line, the cost savings is not worth it. Cosmetic surgery – even when it does not involve an operating room and scalpels – is still serious business. When it comes to your health, appearance, and even life, wouldn’t you rather save a bit more for an expert? For those who value great results, the answer is emphatically, yes.

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