Heidi Montag Removes F-Cups!

Heidi Montag Removes F-Cups!

December 17, 2013

A fan favorite of the hit MTV reality series, “The Hills,” Heidi Montag shocked everyone in 2010 by undergoing ten plastic surgery procedures at one time!  The procedures included a nose job, liposuction in multiple areas, and the most obvious, breast implants that increased her breast size to an F-Cup.

Three years later, Heidi Montag has decided to switch out those F-Cups for “more manageable” C-Cups.  She explained to US Magazine the reason for her breasts downsize was due to health problems she was experiencing. The F-Cup implants weighed about three pounds each and Montag explained, “They felt like bowling balls on my chest.”

The Right Implant for the Right Fit

No surprise that Montag decided to go for a smaller breast size, but did she go small enough for her body?  Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Patricia McGuire from St. Louis, Missouri explains, “It all depends on her anatomy.   An implant needs to be sized based on the patient’s chest wall measurements and then you must pick an implant that appropriately fits the space.  It isn’t about cup size but about dimensions.”

The Risks of too many Surgeries at Once!

There is still controversy over the fact of whether or not the plastic surgeon who performed all ten procedures on Montag, should have even allowed that many surgeries at one time.  Dr. Bruce Van Natta, a board certified plastic surgeon from Indianapolis, Indiana discusses the risks that were involved.  “In doing so many procedures at one time, surgical time goes well beyond four hours at which point complications including infection, and blood clots go up. These are elective procedures and could have been separated into at least two surgeries.

Patients who are interested in multiple elective surgeries during one setting should take in consideration these stipulations…

  • You must be in good health, and undergo procedures at a qualified facility, with a board certified plastic surgeon and a board certified anesthesiologist.
  • Be aware that the extended length of surgery increases complication rates such as infection, increased blood loss, and risk of blood clots.

Montag could have lessened her health risks by excluding some of her multiple procedures, but it was her drastic F-cups that probably produced the most long term damage for her body.  Dr. Caroline Glicksman, a board certified plastic surgeon from New Jersey, explains how the weight of over-sized breast implants aren’t the only problematic factors.  “They can create a variety of deformities including, visible ripples and wrinkles, palpable edges, and bottoming out due to the stretch and thinning of the overlying skin and breast tissue.  By reducing the size of her implants, she may have a better longer lasting result; however some problems caused by the placement of those huge implants may not be correctable.”

Can’t Stop the Aging

Even though she reportedly underwent 10 surgical procedures, the majority of Montag’s procedures were minimal.  For example, she had fat injections, Botox, and minor liposuction. “The revision breast augmentation, otoplasty, and rhinoplasty, were longer more involved cosmetic procedures.  Unfortunately, everyone ages, so many of the procedures that she underwent at such a young age will not last a lifetime,” says Dr. Glicksman.


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