Tighten Your Abs and Midsection After Pregnancies!

Tighten Your Abs and Midsection After Pregnancies!

July 12, 2013
Holly Casey Wall, MD

One of the most devastating changes that happens to women after multiple pregnancies is to the abdominal muscles. The expanded belly stretches the muscles far beyond anything they’ve experienced before, and the muscles will not return to their original state. Even when a woman works tirelessly at the gym, the muscles will still have a loose appearance.

How can we go about fixing this? If I can, I would always prefer to do a tummy tuck with some liposuction. These two procedures can provide such an amazing change to your midsection. It really is the final push after doing everything you can at the gym and with diets in order to get your body back to where it used to be.


Stay tuned, Dr. Wall will look at what else cosmetic surgery can do to get your body back after pregnancy!

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