The Truth is Out! Celebs Open Up about their Breast Implants

The Truth is Out! Celebs Open Up about their Breast Implants

April 15, 2014

By Susan Kamyab

Many celebrities are widely known for their cosmetic procedures.  But a lot of times celebs will refuse to admit the work they’ve had done or regret going under the knife in the first place.  However, some of Hollywood’s most famous stars have gone public with their plastic surgery.  These stars have done it, and they are proud of it!

The Breast Decision

It was in her late teens, during the height of Destiny’s Child’s fame in the 90’s, singer Kelly Rowland went on record when getting her breast implants. “It is a decision I made for myself. I like it, and that’s all that counts,” says Rowland.

The beautiful star of the hit CBS series, The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco revealed that she got breast implants at the age of 18.  Now 28-years-old, the actress recently told Cosmopolitan magazine that she has no regrets about the procedure and says it’s the “best decision” she has ever made.

Does Age Matter?

Age is not the main factor when a patient wants breast implants, but the patient must be fully developed and completely finished with puberty.  After speaking with a board certified plastic surgeon and considering all the risks, steps, and care that comes with breast augmentation, there is no reason why Cuoco or any woman should regret getting the procedure.

Look Better, Feel Better

In the long run, patients receiving breast implants are not just aiming to look better on the outside, they are hoping to feel better on the inside.  Dr. William P. Adams, a board certified plastic surgeon form Dallas, TX, explains, “Many women experience emotional benefits from breast augmentation such as enhanced self-esteem, a more satisfying body image and renewed sense of enthusiasm.”

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