Facial fillers are a good option for restoring loss of volume and neuromuscular blockers address wrinkles in the more dynamic areas of the face.

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The Eyes Have It!

Breast augmentation, Botox®, nose jobs, face lifts… These are the procedures that come to mind when you think of plastic surgery. What about rejuvenating the most important part of your face, the eyes? Dr. Lou Bucky of Philadelphia tells us …Read full article

Botox or paying the bills? Most would choose cosmetic surgery!

Tightening the belt does not mean giving up a trip to the plastic surgeon. Consumers may be finding it difficult to pay for increasing health care costs and grocery bills, but still popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedures rose during 2013, …Read full article

New Needling Device Unveiled: Is the Procedure Right for You?

For decades, physicians have treated skin ailments with topical treatments like creams and lotions. Plastic surgeons use procedures to lift the skin and inject fat underneath the skin. Experts say that never before has there been a device that could …Read full article

Aging Gracefully With Smaller, More Individualized Procedures

Plastic surgery is often thought of as a collection of beauty enhancing procedures that take an aged face from zero to youthful with one big procedure. With the introduction of modern non-invasive procedures and facial fillers, plastic surgery is turning …Read full article

Bogus Board Certification

Today more than ever, all types of physicians, from Emergency Rooms doctors, to OB-GYN’s, are getting in to the lucrative field of plastic surgery.  However, the results can be devastating… from botched surgeries to sometimes even death.  It’s not uncommon …Read full article

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