Breakthroughs in Plastic Surgery

Transformation: Amazing or Disturbing?

Transformation: Amazing or Disturbing?
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Transformation: Amazing or Disturbing?

Just a few years ago, Brit Janet Cunliffe was a size 14 redhead, and described herself as “dowdy and unattractive.” After a failed marriage and the end of another long-term relationship, she moved in with her daughter, Jane, to get back on her feet.

Soon, Janet was wistfully comparing herself to her daughter, Jane, whom she felt had more stylish clothes and a more desirable figure. Deciding she wanted to look like Jane, she began to follow a healthy diet, and soon could fit into Jane’s trendy, size 8 clothing.

But, believing her face was too aged to be attractive and still wanting to resemble her daughter, Janet turned to Linda Briggs, a consultant who provides guidance and advice to people considering plastic surgery.

With Briggs’ help, Janet found a surgeon, and began her transformation: a nose job, eyelid lifts, lip injections and finally, long blonde extensions. Spending a whopping ten thousand pounds – about $15,000 – Janet has now achieved her goal of looking like her daughter. In fact, she says that men in bars now often mistake them for sisters.

How does Janet’s daughter Jane feel about all this?  She says she loves that they look the same, and that now her mom is the sister she’s never had. So much for the generation gap!

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