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Angelina Jolie Facelift Rumors Revived with Suspicious Pics

Angelina Jolie Facelift Rumors Revived with Suspicious Pics

Angelina Jolie had insiders wondering whether she had a facelift last year after a candid photo showed suspicious looking scars behind her ears. Now, new paparazzi pics have rumors swirling once again.

Angelina Jolie photographed by Remy SteineggerBeing one of the most beautiful women in the world, Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly used to the naysayers who prefer to believe that her chiseled features and perfect pout are anything less than all natural. Now, new photos of Angelina Jolie taken in Venice, Italy clearly show an unusual protrusion on her neck, sparking further speculation that the Hollywood megastar has undergone cosmetic surgery. Although the tomb-raiding actress hasn’t admitted to any nip and tuck procedures, the recent pictures seem to tell another story.

US Magazine consulted board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Elie Levine, who says that it appears Jolie has “received Botox to her face and likely her neck,” because she shows “no wrinkles along the sides of her eyes (the crow’s feet) despite that very large smile…and her forehead is smooth.”

But what about the suspicious ‘fish gills’ on her neck? Dr. Gabriel Chiu, a plastic surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills, told the magazine he thinks Jolie may have had a “minimally invasive procedure” to lift and suspend “the tissues in her neck, jaw line and lower face.”

Although a lower facelift procedure doesn’t usually cause that type of rippling along the neck, experts note that this can happen if the skin isn’t lifted back far enough from the jawline.

“Think of it like making your bed,” Dr.  Andrew Jacono told Us. “If you don’t pull the sheets tight enough, they’ll appear wrinkled and bunched at the corners,” noted Dr. Jacono, who is double board certified in facial plastic  and reconstructive surgery and in head and neck surgery.

However, other experts posit that the peculiar-looking bulges were actually the veins and muscles in Jolie’s neck, which are more noticeable than on most people because the actress has very thinned out skin and only 10 percent body fat.

Whether the protrusion is the result of cosmetic surgery or an exceedingly slender frame, one thing that is widely agreed upon is that Angelina Jolie is still one of the hottest women in Hollywood.

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