Breast Augmentation Revision Videos

Our videos bring the top innovators in the field of breast surgery right into the comfort of your own home, and are a must see for anyone considering breast augmentation revision surgery.

There is so much media focus these days on breast implants and health, much of it false, that it can be overwhelming trying to decide whether a breast augmentation revision is indeed the right call for your body and your needs. To help you make that decision, we’ve gathered a team of world renown breast surgery experts and put them on video discussing, for example, the pros and cons of having your implants removed in order to help educate you on the fact versus fiction. Many of these surgeons have pioneered the top surgical techniques used today and they’re knowledge is a fantastic tool for learning more about breast implant placement, type, and surgical incisions so that you can make an informed decision.

Picking the right surgeon is crucial with any surgical procedure, but especially with any kind of revision surgery. You want a surgeon who is not only board certified, but who also specializes in breast implant revisions. Once you find one or two that you like either through referrals or from checking out the surgeon’s website then it’s time to schedule a consultation. Watching our breast surgery videos will give you a clear idea of some of the questions to ask your surgeon. The relationship between patient and surgeon is an intimate one so meeting in person is really the best way to suss out the ideal surgeon for you.

Breast implants are constantly evolving so it’s best to stay informed with our breast augmentation revision videos. Also knowing what to expect from your breast surgery in terms of pain and potential scarring will help alleviate any anxiety so that you can make a clear headed decision about whether or not to replace your breast implants.