“Celebrities” and Plastic Surgery

“Celebrities” and Plastic Surgery

No Spin Live provides  Superbowl 2017  predictions, and  also expose a  marketing scheme hyping a patient getting “a bigger bust hours before going to Super Bowl parties.”  Really,  C’mon man!

Do you like your plastic surgery, or don’t you? No Spin Live Episode 8 takes a look at Danielle Lloyd’s latest flip flop as she now is happy with her plastic surgery. For those celebrities – and other people famous for unknown reasons – who make a clamor about the failure of their own plastic surgery and then renege to support its merits, what’s going on?

Celebrity plastic surgery - Danielle Lloyd.

Drs. Charlie Messa and Jason Pozner of Florida and Dan Del Vecchio of Boston discuss why these stories tend to trend in social media, and how qualified, expert surgeons should handle the oftentimes negative press associated with the specialty.



WILLIAM P. ADAMS JR., MD: Hi, I’m Dr. Bill Adams and this is No Spin Live, everybody’s favorite show to get the real story from the world’s best plastic surgeons. With us today we have Charlie Messa from Weston, Florida, Jason Pozner from Boca Raton, Florida, and Dan Del Vecchio from Boston, Massachusetts. I wanted to start off today just, you know, Superbowl now we know who’s playing, the Atlanta Falcons vs. the New England Patriots. I want to get you guys’ picks, I want to maybe put some money in Las Vegas. Charlie, who do you like?

CHARLIE MESSA, MD: The Patriots for sure.

ADAMS: Dan Del Vecchio, I’m sure that we know who you’re going to be for, but any comments you’d like to make?

DAN DEL VECCHIO, MD: Patriots by 10.

ADAMS: Jason?

JASON POZNER, MD: Don’t care.

ADAMS: I grew up in Atlanta, I’m going with the Falcons. Speaking of the super bowl, did you see this story about the girl saying she’s going to get a breast augmentation the week of the Superbowl and she wants to do a quick recovery breast augmentation so she can get back to see the Superbowl really quick. Is that the real deal, you guys think? What do you think, Dan?

Dan Del Vecchio, MD: I think she has a good PR agent. Listen, here’s the deal. Superbowl, what do we think of? Pickup trucks, beer, Viagra, right? So throw in some breast implants, it’s a good compliment.

Adams: Jason, that’s a crazy story don’t you think?

Jason Pozner, MD: Bill’s really the quick recovery doctor on this particular call – I end up more on the revision side of things. Basically after your breast aug, I don’t care if you sit in bed and watch the Superbowl and drink some beer anyway. Whether it’s a quick recovery or not, doesn’t matter to me.

ADAMS: It’s humorous but I think it’s a little of a marketing ploy. Let’s move on to the topics. Actually, the first thing is, we have to revisit. Just two weeks we were talking about this person Danielle Lloyd who was saying that she felt horrible about the plastic surgery she’s had. Now, she thinks it’s great. Jason, what’s going on here? I’m confused.

POZNER: You know, Bill, we’ve been over this again and again with these celebrities. They love their plastic surgery. They hate their plastic surgery. I think they’re just looking for attention. These people are no-names – you don’t hear this from any of big names – it’s just people looking for attention because their star is falling.

ADAMS: Charlie, what do you think about this?

MESSA: I think this is a typical scenario where you have a woman who’s had multiple plastic surgeries, so she hates her results because she doesn’t’ look the way she wants. But finally she gets the right operation by the right doctor and it’s fixed. So therefore now she loves plastic surgery, so it’s very much an emotional roller coaster she put herself on.

ADAMS: She was disgusted, now she thinks she’s re-energized, she loves her result. I mean she’s showing  a 10 day post-op on this picture that’s in this story. What’s the deal?

DEL VECCHIO: The deal is not everyone saw the first story and only people with an IQ over 100 are going to put the two together. Look, here’s the deal: people flipflop all the time, look at politicians. This is just a PR ploy. The bigger picture here is, we are seeing with social media a real increase in these media – I don’t want to use the w-word – but these media attention-grabbers. And, you’re right. They’re people who are no-names, they’re people who aren’t that popular. They’re using plastic surgery, they’re using us, they’re using our profession as a stepping-stone for publicity.

ADAMS: Yeah, I mean I think the one thing about this story that has some weight, I think, is that she’s at least now acknowledging that when you make rash decisions – and she went and had some procedures done just because she thought she was young and it was the right thing to do – but you got to think about who’s going to do your plastic surgery, what you’re going to have done, and make sure that the person knows what they’re doing, is qualified, and is an expert.

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