Buttock Augmentation Videos

The buttock seems to be the new “hot spot” when it comes to body contouring surgery. Our videos will help you to understand how a buttock augmentation can not only improve the look of your booty, but change your entire torso.

Reality television has infiltrated our lives to the point that the recent uptick in requests for an augmented buttock or Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is often attributed to the “Kardashian Effect”. Big butts are in vogue so if you are someone who was born with a less than bodacious booty or who has lost some butt volume due to age, butt implants could change your life. Watching our buttock augmentation videos will not just keep you informed on the latest techniques, but also the best ways to ensure that you have the safest surgery possible.

There are two main options when it comes to gluteal augmentation: BBL, which uses your own fat to pump up the volume in your back side, and silicone gel butt implants. Determining which option is right for you will require a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, but our videos can certainly help give you an overview so that your meeting with your surgeon can be as productive as possible. Because boosting the booty has become so popular, there are many less than reputable people performing this surgery which can be dangerous. This is something that our panel of experts discuss in detail in our buttock augmentation videos and which is a must see for any patient considering this surgery.

Changing the shape of your booty can make your stomach look flatter, your waist look smaller and your whole body look younger. butt lift videos will keep you abreast of the best fat grafting techniques, the ideal locations for harvesting the fat, ways to guarantee a safe surgery, and a realistic game plan for recovering from your butt augmentation surgery.