Juvederm Videos

Watching our Juvéderm videos will help you to understand how fillers can literally change your life by re-contouring and rejuvenating your face, hands and body so that you look as young as you feel.

Thanks to the proliferation of direct to consumer marketing, you probably recognize the name Juvéderm and maybe you understand that they are the makers of a wide selection of fillers, but do you know how each filler in the Juvéderm family works so that you understand which one is right for your specific needs? We thought not which is why we brought together a team of fillers experts to discuss the pros and cons of each in our wide collection of Juvéderm videos.

Facial fillers are a great way to turn back the clock so if you are bothered by wrinkles and sagging skin on your face, hands or body and have wondered about fillers then it may be time to schedule a consultation. Why is it important to do so with a board certified plastic surgeon when your aesthetician may do it cheaper? Well, as our Juvéderm videos explain, fillers, though common, are a medical procedure so you definitely want to see someone with the training and skill to deliver a safe outcome. Complications from facial fillers is not uncommon so this is extremely important. Furthermore, excellent filler results, the kind that deliver a youthful glow while still looking completely natural, require someone who understands both art and anatomy, and who has the kind of experience working with each filler in the Juvéderm family to know which one will work best on each area of your face.

Watching our videos on Juvéderm will keep you informed on the very latest innovations in the non-surgical facelift realm as well as injection techniques such as the on going needle versus cannula debate so that you know exactly which questions to ask during your fillers consultation.

  • The Surgeon Minute

    Pump Up the Volume… in your Face!

    Injectable fillers… they’re more popular than ever, and for good reason. They work!  Fillers can rejuvenate the face non-surgically are perfect for the person who isn’t ready for a...