No Spin Live Episode 68 – Cardi B Cancels Show After Surgical Complication

No Spin Live Episode 68 – Cardi B Cancels Show After Surgical Complication

When hip hop artist Cardi B pulled out of a scheduled Memorial Day music festival performance earlier this year, it was reportedly due to “plastic surgery complications.” The rapper has been very open with her fans about going under the knife.

On Episode 68 of No Spin Live, host Dr. William P. Adams Jr. is joined by Boca Raton, Florida’s Dr. Jason Pozner and New York’s Dr. Mark D. Epstein as they discuss the reasons why it isn’t surprising to them that a performer like Cardi B would need to take time to rest after a combination breast and liposuction procedure.

“I think this is interesting because it’s quoted as a complication,” begins Dr. Pozner. “I don’t think she had a complication. I think she had liposuction and she had her breast implants exchanged, and she probably went back a little too fast for it. This whole recovery period after different surgeries needs to be discussed.”

How Long is the Recovery Period?

Everyone undergoing a plastic surgery procedure wants to know how long the recovery will take, and how soon they can get back to work.  The answer, surgeons agree, depends on the procedure or procedures being done, and also on the type of work the patient is returning to.

Recovery After Breast Surgery

“In the case of a breast augmentation, the technique I think varies considerably among surgeons,” explains Dr. Epstein. “Those who choose a minimally-traumatic technique like you and I, those patients go back to work very quickly,” shares Dr. Epstein.

Not all breast surgery recoveries are equal, and as Epstein points out, the surgical technique used will dictate the recovery. In Cardi B’s case, she previously shared in an Instagram Live video, “My boobs, no matter how much I workout, were not going to lift themselves, so yeah, I had to get surgery.”

If the surgery Cardi B underwent was in fact a breast lift and augmentation combined, this type of procedure typically requires more downtime than an augmentation alone might.  This could help to explain the need for some time off following her surgery.

Recovery After Liposuction

Cardi B also shared on social media that she had liposuction done at the same time as her breast surgery.

High Def Liposuction - Female.

“With liposuction patients, what I see is that it’s not terrible pain, but it’s a much more prolonged recovery than most surgeries,” describes Dr. Adams. “With liposuction, they’re sore for a few weeks. Since she had multiple things done, she’s probably going to have a little longer recovery.”

How Quickly A Patient Returns to Work Depends on their Job

Returning to perform in front of thousands of fans is not the same as returning to sit behind a computer at a desk job.  High intensity physical activities – for example, the great amount of energy required for hours spent dancing around on stage – are not usually recommended in the days, or even weeks, following liposuction, breast surgery or a combination of the two.

Minimizing Risks and Maximizing Results During Recovery

“The things I think about are: one, what could cause a high risk of bleeding? And two, what could damage the work that I did?” says Dr. Epstein regarding the restrictions on activity he outlines for his patients during recovery.

To help his patients achieve the best results, Epstein recommends liposuction patients wear compression garments and visit massage therapists, both of which can aid in swelling reduction.

Wishing Cardi B Well On the Road to Recovery

“Kudos to her for coming out about her plastic surgery,” summarizes Pozner. “I wish her a speedy recovery. Maybe she just needs to temper things a little bit until she’s healed.”

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