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Big Brother 11 Contestants Cling to Their 15 Minutes

Big Brother 11 Contestants Cling to Their 15 Minutes

Big Brother 11 is in full swing, and it’s another season of competition, intrigue and sabotage. Russell and Jessie pretend to be at each others’ throats to throw off the other contestants. Lydia, Natalie and Michele explode into fights. And, Chima is kicked off the show by the producers. Although these amateur strategists may be vying for the $500,000 prize, what they’re really after is celebrity.

Big-Brother-11-ousted-housemate-ChimaBig Brother 11 is perhaps the greatest illustration on television today of the extremes to which fairly normal people will go to make a grab at celebrity. Reality TV has introduced the idea that by capturing the minds (if not hearts) of society, fame and fortune await. And when the cameras stop rolling, many contestants turn to plastic surgery in hopes of extending their 15 minutes of fame.

After winning Big Brother 9, Adam Jasinski promptly went under the knife, but his plastic surgery was pretty expected. He used some of his funds to fix a facial injury that occurred when a car accident sent him through a windshield. Dr.  Luis Vinas removed some remaining glass from his right cheek and smoothed out the skin.

Chantelle-Hougton-breast-augmentationOver in the UK, two contestants on England’s version of Big Brother, Chantelle Houghton and Sophie Reade, both got gi-normous breast implants following their stints on the show.

Chantelle has since expressed public regret at her decision, citing back pain. But Sophie, who went up to 30GGs (that’s a 30 inch band, with breasts that project 10 inches from the ribs), seems pleased with her results.  In fact, 20-year-old Reade commented while still in the house that she also wants to try Botox and have her lips done.

Predictably, most of the faces and bodies on Big Brother 11 are “above average.” That’s not just the casting agent, of course. People with enough courage–or obsession–to take on the challenge of a reality program generally seem to be appearance conscious.

This season on Big Brother 11, Laura, Jordan and Lydia all looked like minor celebutantes in the making, and Chima has been rocking a diva image from the beginning. Likewise, Braden looked like he was vying for a regular spot on a daytime soap, and Jeff was equally easy on the eyes, while Russell was all-too-happy to flex for the cameras.

Whoever manages to grab the brass ring once the final episode of season 11 airs, don’t be surprised if they and other contestants suddenly make some body modifications in hopes of staying in the public eye a few minutes longer. Hopefully, those who do will use some of the strategy skills they honed during the season to make a long-term, wise decision.

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Breakthroughs in Plastic Surgery

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