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GI Joe Mystery: What Happened to Karolina Kurkova’s Bellybutton?

GI Joe Mystery: What Happened to Karolina Kurkova’s Bellybutton?

GI Joe has all the elements of a good action movie: a hunky leading man, women in tight leather outfits wielding guns, and explosions — lots of explosions. Although all Hollywood is buzzing about the film’s sexy stars, one leading lady, in particular, has viewers gawking — at her mysteriously absent naval.

kurkovas-mysteriously-missing-bellybuttonKarolina Kurkova is at the center of a mystery: the case of the missing bellybutton. Last year, photos emerged of the Victoria’s Secret supermodel in Miami sans her non-fuzzy navel. These interesting beach pics caused quite a stir, and had people wondering what the heck happened to the Czech beauty’s umbilicus?

Of course, the most prominent rumor is that Kurkova had some sort of plastic surgery. According to BBC online, people can sometimes lose their navel after a cosmetic surgery mishap. Was this a case of a tummy tuck gone wrong? (And if so, where are the other tell-tale scars? It’s hard to hide a suture line when all you’re wearing is a thong.)

The truth is far less sordid. Last fall, NY Daily News reported that the true cause of Kurkova’s unusually smooth abdomen was because she had surgery as an infant.

“It does look like [she may have had] an umbilical hernia as a child that was either fixed or not fixed, which can distort the belly button,” said Dr. Matthew Schulman, a plastic surgeon at Manhattan’s Mount Sinai Medical Center, in the Daily News report.

Ms. Kurkova has yet to publicly comment on her absent body part, but her rep offered reassurance, noting, “Her belly button is very smooth. But I can assure you she’s not an alien!”

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