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Liposuction Help for Metabolic Syndrome?

Liposuction Help for Metabolic Syndrome?

Liposuction may help with the complications of metabolic syndrome, including heart disease.

liposuction_photorsrchrsConcerted efforts to prevent and treat obesity have led doctors to look for a link between liposuction and metabolic syndrome.

Manhattan plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Douglas Steinbrech is currently working on a literature review of abdominal liposuction to determine whether it can alleviate complications associated with metabolic syndrome, including heart disease.

Steinbrech told Cosmetic Surgery Times that if it turns out to be true, “it would enable plastic surgeons to improve lives by providing these services to people who are at increased risk for heart disease and obesity.”

One early study attempted to find out how removing extra abdominal fat affected metabolism in conjunction with a high-fat diet. Researchers determined that it could actually induce, rather than improve, metabolic syndrome.

But, the study was ultimately inconclusive, and doctors are still searching for a connection.

In the following vidoe, we asked Dr. Steinbrech to summarize his findings so far on whether liposuction can cure heart disease.

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