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Modern Body Sculpting with High Def Liposuction

Modern Body Sculpting with High Def Liposuction

Liposuction reigns supreme as the best surgical fat removal procedure. When it comes to contouring the body, high definition liposuction is even better. The procedure is not so much about an overall reduction in fat. Rather, it’s more about sculpting the body to reveal a patient’s underlying musculature.

Popular with both men and women, high def liposuction is great for patients in their 40’s and 50’s who work out hard yet still can’t get their body back to where it was in their 20’s. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dustin Reid of Restora Austin discusses this revolutionary procedure and why patients are so happy with their results.

High Def Liposuction is Different

High def liposuction is definitely different than traditional liposuction. The latter is more about de-bulking the fat in a general area, such as the abdomen, flanks, hips or thighs. High def liposuction, on the other hand, is more about sculpting an area in order to reveal the underlying musculature. “It’s about creating empty spaces and shadowing that the human eye’s accustomed to see, and what we perceive as sexually attractive,” explains Dr. Reid.

High Def Liposuction Final Results.

It requires not only a fine artistic eye, but also a higher level of expertise on the part of the surgeon. The procedure itself also takes longer as it’s more precise. This is all well and good, as “the end results are beautiful,” shares Reid.

Who is the High Def Liposuction Patient?

The typical high definition liposuction patient is not someone who is doing physical competitions. Instead, it’s more of an average person who works out hard at the gym. Maybe he or she even hires a personal trainer. Bottom line, these patients do everything that they can to make themselves appear athletic. But maybe because they’re a little older or had children, it’s now hard for them to get their body to the place where they want it to be on their own.

High Def Liposuction - Female.

High def liposuction is for the patient who doesn’t need to lose a lot of weight. Maybe he or she has a few extra pounds, but it’s not an issue of too much overall fat. These patients already look good! They just can’t get that final super sculpted look where they are hollow in the right places and full in the right places.

High definition liposuction is not a procedure to “lose weight, but it can make patients appear as if they are at exactly their ideal weight,” explains Dr. Reid.

It’s About Adding & Subtracting

“One of the keys with modern body sculpting is not only subtraction but also addition,” says Dr. Reid. High def liposuction is about removing fat from the areas where it doesn’t belong, yes, but it’s also about adding that fat back to areas where the patient needs a bit more bulk.

In a man, it’s not attractive to see extra fullness in the flanks and the lower abdomen, but a broad upper chest with wide strong shoulder is very attractive. With high def liposuction, a plastic surgeon can literally augment the deltoids, for example, to create that rounded, strong appearance. “[It’s about] shifting things around to make someone look young, vital, sexy,” says Dr. Reid.  That’s really the key to the whole process.

With women, it’s also important to reduce bulk in the flanks and abdomen while possibly adding it to the buttocks and breast. “That combination of subtracting from the areas where you don’t want it and adding to the areas where you do want it is very powerful,” shares Reid.

VASER patient - Dr. Reid.

Male Patients & the Daddy Do Over

Historically, men have not made up a huge percentage of the plastic surgery population, but that is changing. “I’m definitely seeing an uptick in the number of male patients coming into the office,” says Dr. Reid. He feels that this trend is being driven by a few factors:

  • men are more interested in the way that they look these days
  • they’re retiring later, so it’s more important for them to stay looking young and vital
  • the proliferation of non-surgical options such fillers and Kybella is appealing to younger male patients

An interest in surgical procedures is also on the rise, especially high def liposuction. At Dr. Reid’s office, they offer what’s called the, “Daddy Do Over.” It’s for those guys who have kids and maybe can’t go to the gym as often, but who still want to look like they used to in their 20’s.

It’s ideal for men in middle age who have too much fullness in their flanks and abdomen, although it’s also great for treating the:

  • chest
  • arms
  • back

Getting that muscle definition can really make the patient “feel young and sexy again,” explains Dr. Reid.

Male or female, patients love the results from high definition liposuction. “It’s just a great confidence booster,” says Reid. It really allows patients to achieve that athletic, toned look that is so highly desirable these days, and oftentimes out of reach of many who once were in perfect shape.

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