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Great Results Are Created in the Consultation

Great Results Are Created in the Consultation
Every woman who has breast augmentation wants to look in the mirror afterward and fall in love with her new shape. The best way to achieve that success is to get the most complete and up to date advice, packaged in a deep consultation. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Diaz shares his insight on how to give every patient a shot at stunning results.

The Best Breasts

The consultation is critically important. In fact, many might argue that the consultation may be more important than the surgery itself for long term, great results. Whittling down what a patient really wants is how surgeons are able to craft a unique, optimal result.  “I’ve really dedicated the last ten years of my career to evolving my consultation process because it was my goal to make my patients as happy as possible with their results,” says Diaz. He says he decided to help patients get the “look of their dreams” by paying equal attention to the steps before surgery, as during and after the procedure.

“What I discovered is that I really needed to educate and communicate better to patients, so I developed a process for explaining every single option.” Diaz says he does this for every procedure, including breast augmentation. “I talk about the pros and cons of each implant, each shape, the material the implant is filled with and the way the incision is made.” He says he takes all the time necessary to make sure each patient understands the procedure and the materials being offered. “I go through everything in incredible detail.”

Vaginal rejuvenation consult.

Diaz says his patients have learned to expect a longer consultation process, knowing the time will be well spent. “It makes the consultation longer and involved, but at the end the patients are so empowered with all of this information.”

Internet Advice vs. Doctor Knowledge

Nearly everything you want to know is just a click away. The internet age makes it easy to search whatever topic you want, but sorting through fiction to find facts isn’t always easy. A person can easily feel in over their head with so much information.  “The internet has created educated patients, but I have a lot of patients who come in and they are just overwhelmed with the amount of information and sometimes its conflicting information,” explains Diaz. He says that’s where his step-by-step consultation helps patient sort through to find the right option.

“I think the process of explaining everything step by step, including the pros and cons of each option, helps to clarify the areas that were confusing for the patients and it gives them a lot of ‘ah-ha’ moments.” Diaz says it’s fun to see a patient light up when they realize the right choice for their lifestyle and body type. “I have a lot of patients who will sit there and say, ‘Now I get it, now I understand it, it makes sense!’ and that’s real collaboration.” Diaz calls it a “symbiotic relationship.”

Breast augmentation results- Dr. Diaz.

The Empowered Patient

Knowledge is power in the hands of a patient who is ready to move forward with a procedure that can be life-changing. Dr. Diaz published an article about his consultation technique in a prestigious medical journal, outlining how his technique, along with surgical excellence, related to higher patient satisfaction. Diaz says in every arena it’s clear that patients who understand the process will be happier with the result. “In some ways its like an equation, where the more patient education you put into the more patient satisfaction you will get out.”

Diaz is a firm believer in his technique and has applied it across all of his plastic surgery procedures, not just breast augmentation. “I’ve been finding the same results with other procedures, the more information I give patients about any procedure, the happier they are overall.” Diaz adds that his goal is great results and a happy patient. “What I found by using this technique is that patients have scored their satisfaction incredibly high after the procedure because they are going into it so much better prepared.”

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