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Coolsculpting For Men: Freeze The Fat and Lose The Love Handles

Coolsculpting For Men: Freeze The Fat and Lose The Love Handles

Men want to feel good about their appearance, and most guys want a solution to get rid of stubborn fat that doesn’t require a lot of downtime for recovery. That’s why more fellows are turning to CoolSculpting to say goodbye to love handles, man boobs (moobs) and excess fat in the back area. As Dr. Lee Thornton explains, CoolSculpting has been around awhile, but men are beginning to catch on to the benefits of how simple it is to freeze fat forever.

What is CoolSculpting?

Women aren’t the only ones making their way into the marketplace of non-invasive procedures, like Botox, Restylane and Juvederm. Men are finding out there are remedies to look and feel better, and one of them is CoolSculpting. The non-surgical fat reduction treatment has been around about a decade and is gaining traction among males who are looking for a more chiseled, sculpted body. “CoolSculpting is a technique where we freeze fat to kill the fat,” says Dr. Thornton, a board certified plastic surgeon in Meridian, Mississippi.

Dr. Thornton says CoolSculpting is gaining in popularity not only in women, but also men because of the convenience. It’s less invasive than liposuction for slimming and is effective. “It’s basically a hand piece that looks like a big suction cup that you put on a target area, where people have excess tissue,” says Thornton. He says that men like to target areas like the love handles, and so-called ‘moobs’ because it gets rid of the bulges and the belly flab by freezing it. “It pulls the tissue up and cools it down to a temperature that kills the fat.” The procedure doesn’t harm any surrounding tissue.

Men and CoolSculpting.

Kill The Fat, Forever

Men and women may feel content with their workout routine and even their weight, but still dislike some stubborn areas on the body where it just seems impossible to lose the fat. Those are the areas where CoolSculpting is popular, says Thornton. “The lower abdomen is one very popular area, along with the hips or muffin top and then laterally along the chest wall, where people have excess skin and even on the neck.”

CoolSculpting is a permanent fix for removing fat that sometimes can’t be removed with exercise and diet alone. Thornton says patients can expect each session to last about an hour and should realize that the results will last, unless there is some kind of weight gain and then the outcome may be different.

CoolSculpting before and after - abdomen.

Lunchtime Fix

Coolsculpting isn’t a ‘quick fix,’ but some describe the treatment as a ‘gradual reduction’ and that’s what is appealing to many men. Men like CoolSculpting because it yields natural results without looking like you’ve had ‘something done.’ that may explain the skyrocketing growth among males, according to Thornton. “This was really woman dominated for years, but now men are finding out that they really do like this procedure and the results.”

Thornton says men see that they can zip in for a treatment during a lunch hour and be back at their desk without anyone knowing. “CoolSculpting is something that you can drive your car up to a clinic, have CoolSculpting, and get in your car and go back to work.”

The recovery is almost nonexistente. “It doesn’t have bruising and the swelling is minimal and over a two month period the fat goes away, so your colleagues aren’t going to notice,” adds Thornton. He advises patients to count on at least two sessions to achieve a successful result. And while liposuction remains the gold standard for spot fat removal, CoolSculpting is absolutely an effective treatment for those wishing to avoid the OR.

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