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Liposuction Options: Shopping Around For The Right Procedure

Liposuction Options: Shopping Around For The Right Procedure

Liposuction options can be confusing when it comes to choosing a procedure. Dr. Richard Baxter sheds some light on the different procedures, and how to choose the right one in this educational video and article.

Liposuction YUCKPlastic surgeon Dr. Richard Baxter admits that liposuction has gone from convenient to confusing. Patients now have a variety of liposuction procedures and techniques to choose from –and the correct choice is not always clear.

True, some basics haven’t changed. During virtually all liposuction procedures, the surgeon is careful to numb the surgical site with an injection of a lidocaine-epinephrine mixture. This is known as the “tumescent” technique – it expands and firms the target area so that the patient is much less likely to experience bleeding during the operation.

But, as Dr. Baxter admits, the techniques have expanded to include methods beyond the basic suction style, and today’s customers could easily be seduced by marketing phrases.

“It used to be that there was liposuction, and now it’s brand-name liposuction in a whole variety of flavors,” Dr. Baxter says.

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He cites ultrasonic-assisted liposuction, laser-assisted liposuction and even a water-assisted method that is said to be gentler than the others.

“Just plain old liposuction is still a pretty viable way to go for most people,” he says. “You don’t really need to go for a brand name with it.”

But, whatever the patient chooses, a wise first step is to shop around and not be lured by the appeal of branding. Dr. Baxter advises consulting a surgeon who regularly performs liposuction. “I would suggest, go to a board certified plastic surgeon, because they’re going to be in a good position to know whether liposuction or even something else entirely is the way to go.”

Also, Dr. Baxter advises actually meeting the person who will be performing the surgery prior to an operation. This happens to be more uncommon than it sounds.

“We’re seeing a lot of clinics now where the model is, you’re meeting with basically a salesperson who is making a clinical decision about whether or not you’re a good liposuction candidate. And, of course, you’re always a good candidate for it if you’re the person in front of them.”

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