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Charlotte Plastic Surgeon Explains the Rise in Breast Augmentation Surgeries

Charlotte Plastic Surgeon Explains the Rise in Breast Augmentation Surgeries

Breast augmentation surgery continues to be at the top of the list for cosmetic surgeries according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS). Statistics show breast augmentation numbers at well over 300 thousand in 2011; that’s up four percent from the previous year and 40 percent in the past decade.

Women choose to under go breast enhancement surgery for many reasons.  Many times women they notice their breasts have lost shape and volume after childbirth, weight loss or natural aging of the breast. The Plastic Surgery Channel recently interviewed Dr. Stephan Finical, a board certified plastic surgeon from Charlotte, North Carolina about the reasons behind the substantial increase of breast enhancement surgeries.

By Stephan J. Finical, MD
and Carolynn Grimes

Dr. Finical sums up the increase in popularity to three components; safety, the return of silicone gel implants, and delivering customized results to patients.

PSC – “Why does breast enhancement surgery continue to rise?”

Dr. Finical – “First of all, the procedure is safe.  Over the last 20 years numerous studies have been done that show that there are no added health risks to women who have breast implants. Secondly, the Food Breast Augmentationand Drug Administration allowed us to return silicone gel filled implants to the market over 5 years ago.  In the subsequent 5 years we have had tremendously good experience with the modern gel implants, and the gel-filled implant is desirable because it’s soft and has a very natural appearance. Finally, we as plastic surgeons have tried to deliver customized results to each of our patients.

PSC – “What are some of the ways you customize breast augmentation?”

Dr. Finical – “Typically, during a consultation we will do some trial sizing, review pictures of patients pre and post augmentation for comparison, and we are also adapting the most up-to-date versions of the 3-D imaging system, the Vectra, to our practice.”

Vectra 3-D Imaging is an advanced imaging technique that allows both the patient and surgeon to preview the results of a plastic surgery procedure before the surgery is performed. Through these patient educational tools, Finical says, he is able to deliver what each individual wants without any surprises.

About Stephan J. Finical, MD

A magna cum laude honors graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University, Dr. Finical completed his medical studies and general surgical residency at Georgetown University.  Dr. Finical’s plastic surgery residency was carried out at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. He completed his fellowship at the Oregon Health Science University and subsequently, remained on staff at the Mayo Clinic in the Division of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Finical is active academically and has published numerous peer-reviewed articles, with a focus on aesthetic facial surgery, cosmetic breast surgery and body contouring within the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Finical is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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